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Adolescent cannabis and tobacco use are associated with opioid use in young adulthood—12‐year longitudinal study in an urban cohort

Cannabis and tobacco use in early adolescence may be risk factors for opioid use in young adulthood among African Americans living in urban areas.

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Drug‐related harm coinciding with income assistance payments: results from a community‐based cohort of people who use drugs

In Vancouver, Canada, people who use illicit drugs and receive income assistance report high prevalence of payment‐coincident drug‐related harm.

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Reporting of alcohol as a contributor to death in Australian national suicide statistics and its relationship to post‐mortem alcohol concentrations

An ICD‐10 alcohol code was not assigned as an underlying or contributory cause of death in over half of suicides in Australia (2010–2015) with a BAC ≥0.05 g/100 mL.

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