Press Release Guidance

To ensure the earliest possible circulation of research papers, Addiction publishes papers online as Accepted Articles within days of receipt at the publishers.  (Accepted material exports to the publisher weekly on a Thursday.)  If you or your institution is considering a press release upon publication of your paper, please notify Gill Rangel ( within 24 hours of receiving your acceptance letter so that we can inform the publisher and prevent your paper from appearing online too soon.

Once you have let us know you intend to produce a press release, we will ask our publisher to keep your paper offline until your release is ready.  Your release can be tied either to the Accepted Articles version of the paper, which can be published online within a few days of acceptance, or to the fully proofed and typeset version, which is typically ready around 6 weeks after acceptance.  We can work with you to put either version of your paper online on a particular date and time. 

Addiction also distributes its own press releases, at the rate of about one per month.  If we choose your paper for press release coverage, we will be in touch with the lead author as soon as the paper has been accepted for publication to discuss this.