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‘It's just basically a box full of disease’—navigating sterile syringe scarcity in a rural New England state

Limited access to sterile syringes contributes to an environment in which people who inject drugs report that they are less able to refrain from risky injection practices.

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Prevalence of alcohol use disorder among individuals who binge eat: a systematic review and meta‐analysis

Lifetime alcohol use disorder appears to be more prevalent among people with binge eating disorders than among those without.

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Systematic review of the emerging literature on the effectiveness of naloxone access laws in the United States

Naloxone access laws in the US have increased naloxone distribution but it is not clear whether this has reduced fatal opioid overdose.

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The Society for the Study of Addiction's collection of addiction-related COVID-19 resources includes perspectives from policymakers, views from clinicians working in treatment services, and summaries of global policy responses. 


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